artificial residential turf in Phoenix

Artificial Residential Turf in Phoenix

Looking for an alternative to your pricey and finicky lawn or backyard? Grass! 365 offers the best residential turf in Phoenix.

When in Phoenix, Residential Turf is the Way to Go

If you have a lawn or a backyard, you know the time, effort, and money it takes to keep it in a pristine condition. And even after that, all your hard work could go to waste.

Why not opt for artificial residential turf in Phoenix and leave all your troubles behind.

Grass!365 provides you with the peace of mind you were looking for. Stop worrying about lawn maintenance and enjoy the outdoors with your family, friends, and pets. You don’t need to worry about your water bill. You don’t need to worry about weeds. Stop worrying about allergens in the grass or pets stomping and destroying it.

We make sure it all goes away, and all left is lush, green grass that looks and feels REAL!

In Phoenix, Residential Turf Can Provide the Following Benefits

Can’t wait to stop paying your water bills? With residential turf in Phoenix, you can do that immediately. You can also stop worrying about maintenance and other problems related to regular grass.

The turf can last more than 20 years if the installation is done right and correctly maintained. Once we have installed the artificial grass on your lawn space or backyard, all you have to do is ENJOY!

Have a dog? Are you worried about pet excretion ruining your grass? No need.

Artificial turf can handle that and more. Enjoy outdoor time with your pets any time of the day.

Most people don’t let their kids play outside during allergy season. But when you have turf grass, you can rest assured that your kids can play outside daily and stay healthy.

Contact us today to make the best decision about your lawn!

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