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Artificial Grass the New Patio Trend


Artificial grass the new patio trend for homes and businesses! Is your old patio an eyesore? Tired of re-staining every other year? Concrete cracked, slippery when wet? Want a new look? Artificial grass is the new patio. Grass!365 Phoenix can upgrade your old, worn patio to a beautiful, lush, patio with artificial grass. You can [...]

Artificial Grass the New Patio Trend2021-11-17T16:12:28-05:00

What’s the price of artificial grass?


Price, price, price of artificial grass? If all you are looking for is the cheapest price, you will get what you pay for, a cheap product. When considering artificial grass, consider the over-all value versus the price. If you are looking for the cheapest product, then IntelliTurf is not the answer for you. However, if [...]

What’s the price of artificial grass?2021-11-17T16:13:10-05:00

Lush Lawn All Year Long?


Lush lawn year long? Yes, please. Why settle for a burnt, dead lawn?  Why water, over-seed, fertilize, mulch, mow? There is no need. Have Grass!365 Phoenix install your beautiful lawn today. All you will need to do is sit back and enjoy. Are you tired of spending hours working on having a perfect lawn? Would [...]

Lush Lawn All Year Long?2021-11-17T16:13:51-05:00

Is artificial grass pet friendly?


Yes, artificial grass is pet friendly. The need of each property and how the space is used will determine what surface will need to be installed. Commercial and residential pet installations vary greatly. For most residential properties a typical installation will be sufficient. However, commercial property or heavily used residential may require special infill and [...]

Is artificial grass pet friendly?2021-11-17T16:15:27-05:00

Does your landscaper know how to install artificial grass properly?


Not everyone can install artificial grass properly. Paying less in the beginning may cost more in the end. This is an example of a poor install of artificial grass. No infill, turf not nailed down, clay base which will hold water and regarding the quality of the turf, you can see for yourself. Grass!365 has [...]

Does your landscaper know how to install artificial grass properly?2021-11-17T16:11:53-05:00

Artificial Turf Commercial Property


Common areas for apartments, condominiums, hotels, and businesses are high traffic areas. Consequently, common areas see a lot of wear and tear on real grass. However, Grass!365 Phoenix has the solution for you; artificial turf. Are you interested in a beautiful common area? Specifically, grass that requires no watering, low maintenance, and looks beautiful year [...]

Artificial Turf Commercial Property2021-11-17T16:11:54-05:00

Low Maintenance Yard


Do you want a low maintenance yard? Artificial grass from Grass!365 Phoenix may be the solution for you. In fact take back your free time and enjoy doing the things you love.  As a result a beautiful lush green yard without the daily hassle. Without a doubt a picture perfect lawn takes work. If you [...]

Low Maintenance Yard2021-11-17T16:11:54-05:00

Replace Your Old Synthetic Putting Green


Is it time to replace your old synthetic putting green? After years of use, the revitalization an older putting green may become a necessity. Hence, Grass!365 Phoenix was contracted to replace this Paradise Valley home's putting green and fringe.  Bring new life and add value to any backyard by replacing your old synthetic putting [...]

Replace Your Old Synthetic Putting Green2021-11-17T16:11:54-05:00
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