Artificial grass the new patio trend for homes and businesses! Is your old patio an eyesore? Tired of re-staining every other year? Concrete cracked, slippery when wet? Want a new look? Artificial grass is the new patio.

Grass!365 Phoenix can upgrade your old, worn patio to a beautiful, lush, patio with artificial grass. You can have artificial grass over your wood decking or your concrete slabs. But, it must be installed properly to ensure the grass doesn’t droop between the wood or mold between the surfaces. First, we install the proper drainage tiles. Next, we professionally lay our lush grass. Final results give you a low maintenance solution for years of a beautiful, green patio with little work or upkeep.

Proper installation of artificial grass will transform that drab, slippery, hard concrete patio into an attractive, lush, safer place to hang out. Update your home or business patio, today!

Don’t miss the new trend. Artificial grass is the new patio. Jump on board. As a result, you gain a beautiful leisure area with low maintenance.

Artificial Grass the New Patio Trend! Grass!365 Phoenix