Lush Lawn All Year Long?


Lush lawn year long? Yes, please. Why settle for a burnt, dead lawn?  Why water, over-seed, fertilize, mulch, mow? There is no need. Have Grass!365 Phoenix install your beautiful lawn today. All you will need to do is sit back and enjoy. Are you tired of spending hours working on having a perfect lawn? Would [...]

Lush Lawn All Year Long?2021-11-17T16:13:51-05:00

Is artificial grass pet friendly?


Yes, artificial grass is pet friendly. The need of each property and how the space is used will determine what surface will need to be installed. Commercial and residential pet installations vary greatly. For most residential properties a typical installation will be sufficient. However, commercial property or heavily used residential may require special infill and [...]

Is artificial grass pet friendly?2021-11-17T16:15:27-05:00
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