Artificial Turf Commercial Property


Common areas for apartments, condominiums, hotels, and businesses are high traffic areas. Consequently, common areas see a lot of wear and tear on real grass. However, Grass!365 Phoenix has the solution for you; artificial turf. Are you interested in a beautiful common area? Specifically, grass that requires no watering, low maintenance, and looks beautiful year [...]

Artificial Turf Commercial Property2021-11-17T16:11:54-05:00

Low Maintenance Yard


Do you want a low maintenance yard? Artificial grass from Grass!365 Phoenix may be the solution for you. In fact take back your free time and enjoy doing the things you love.  As a result a beautiful lush green yard without the daily hassle. Without a doubt a picture perfect lawn takes work. If you [...]

Low Maintenance Yard2021-11-17T16:11:54-05:00
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